Home Washing Cleaning latex household Gloves 32CM HLA01

Item No. HAL01 Features: latex gloves, comfortable to touch, thickened fingers. The horizontal pull-up and tear-resistant design is reliable. It can be used as a kitchen glove. Color: blue, pink,yellow,purple,green Weight: 60g Easy to operate: High-quality resin on the surface, in line with the beautiful design of the hand curve, just like adding a second layer of skin, the gloves can always cling to the hands, have superior grip, make the operation more convenient, fine and smooth. Material safety: Through the international FDA safety testing requirements, no phenol dissolution, no odor, can be safely contacted with food and personal clothing, gloves through antibacterial and deodorant processing, effectively inhibit the proliferation of various types of mold, bacteria, and no odor. Use the crowd: Safe and tasteless, can be assured of contact with food;

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