Natural Latex Market with Rise Sharply (20201026)

Recent weather factors continue to affect the output of natural rubber raw materials, glue output of scarce supporting raw materials continued to rise sharply, supported by high costs, the price of natural latex maintained a strong trend, but in the short term market prices rose too fast, the downstream resistance to high prices is more obvious.In the RMB market, Tahua’s barreled goods are 14500-15000 yuan/ton less, while Huang Chunfa’s barreled goods are 14900-15000 yuan/ton less;Huangchun divergent shipping goods 14200 yuan/ton near, non-yellow bulk carrier cargo 14100 yuan/ton near;Vietnam bulk carrier cargo 12900-13000 yuan/ton;The above quotation is for reference only.At present, the main production areas at home and abroad are affected by the weather, raw materials surge, supply increment is limited, the support to the price is more obvious.At the same time, due to the high external price, the import of natural latex yuan prices maintained a high trend.This is expected to import natural latex market price to maintain a high trend is more likely.

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